Saturday, 18 October 2014

Off to the Tower

DaddyHen and I had been meaning to go and see the poppies (Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red) at the tower for a few months – we finally made it today.  A dull and overcast day – with the threat of rain at any moment but somehow we managed to stay dry.

Beautiful sea of red in the moat, it goes on and on 
cascades down the walls and over the walk ways;
a really poignant display. 
The poppies are lovely – we bought one in memory of DaddyHens GreatGrand Father Alfred Dewberry 
I’d not been to visit the tower since 1977 and DaddyHen since early 1970s and at £22 each for an adult I don’t think we’ll be going again anytime soon. I have to say that there were plenty of people who had paid.
The ancient and modern
 How did you spend your Saturday?

MummyHen X


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