Saturday, 6 September 2014

Bear Birthday Cakes

SonnyHens GF loves pandas so with her birthday fast approaching I researched making her a panda cake.  I am not very artistic or imaginative  - so if I can see what some else has done then that's a great help -  really don't know what I would have done before Pinterest or Google - I get many ideas from the web. 
My cake recipe is my reliable Vicky sponge with added milk but only a splash.  As the cake was going to be 4 layers I used 10 eggs, 500g butter, caster sugar, 170g plain flour and 500g SR flour, 2 teaspoons of vanilla paste and about 6-8 table spoons of milk

Seedless raspberry jam and vanilla butter cream in between each layer and a crumb coat of buttercream on the outside
Then the white fondant, black for the Panda face and a pink bow
Panda chocolate cupcakes were decorated with fondant. 
She had a lovely day and the cake when down well 
A week later a request for another bear cake - this time in chocolate - thank goodness for the wonders of the web.  20cms Vicky sponge with cupcake ears and nose, raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream filling.  Covered with chocolate and vanilla buttercream - note to self: don't use melted chocolate chips for chocolate buttercream, as mine didn't melt properly and little bits of chocolate kept blocking the piping nozzle. 
and then 'fur' thank goodness for a grass piping nozzle.  A little black chocolate buttercream for the eyes, nose and mouth. 
What have you made recently?


MummyHen X


  1. Brilliant!! No wonder she loved it. I havent baked for ages unless you count making a fruit crumble?

  2. Very professional cakes. I don't think I would have the patience.

  3. I made a fruit cake which held the back door open last week!