Saturday, 9 March 2013

What happened to Bournvita?

When I was little – actually I think that should be younger as I’ve never been little!!

I would be given a mug of warm Bournvita if I was feeling under the weather.  This afternoon I felt like a mug of Bournvita – but we didn’t have any so DaddyHen kindly went to the shops looking for Bournvita only to come home empty handed with the news that it’s not been sold for years!?!? He did bring back another brand of malted drink but it wasn’t the same


What – ok so we don’t have it very often but really - Cadbury no longer sell it in the UK.

What things to you remember from years ago or childhood that are no longer available?

 MummyHen X



  1. This might be a reasonable substitute......

  2. Pacers - the chewy spearmint flavoured sweets. And Texan bars. Yum. xx

  3. If you have a B & M Bargains store near you, might be worth checking there..