Friday, 23 November 2012

I’m back

Well it's been nearly two weeks since I last posted and I've missed having the time and energy.
I worked 12 days straight without a day off, averaging 13.25 each day - I managed 3 hours off yesterday and today. I managed to get to bed before midnight for the first time in two weeks last night - what wind and rain! I didn't hear a thing DH woke me at just before 8 (I usually start at 8) my first teleconf was at 8.30 so time for a shower and some breakie.
I have had no time for anything, DH has been a real rock totally dependable. Some lovely meals, cups of tea and the occasional biccy, popping into the office everynow and then to see if I'm still 'alive'.  Ohh he made a lovely apple cake.
I got to the stage yesterday when I thought if I carry on I will be no use to anyone – I was exhausted.
I'm off to Holland on Monday for the week – work not holiday - will be good to see all the team again (we only managed to get together a couple of times a year) it will be hard work but fun. Still need to prepare my presentation - nothing interesting I to the budgets and numbers, the other members of the team do the interesting techy stuff - some really useful stuff; like putting training material on ipads for field staff so they don't have to carry round 15 A4 ring binders. Lots of other exciting apps but I can't tell you about those - the team I work in develops apps for ipad and android.    

This afternoon I managed to feed my Christmas cakes, plant an amaryllis (it’s been waiting for about a month) it should be a light pink colour too late for Christmas but the hyacinths I planted a month ago are looking promising.  All planted the same day, all on the same south facing window sill - some don't like they are doing anything but tiny glossy green shoots are slowly appearing.

I crocheted all afternoon,
sewed in some ends actually there were 300 of them

Planning a new crochet project – always got a few on the go at the same time.
We have nothing planned for the weekend other than watching rugby, more relaxing and catching up
MummyHen X


  1. A bit of deja vu at this end when I saw your square at the end. I think I'll have to show you my Christmas blanket. It has poinsettia squares with yellow centre, red petals, green leaves and a white border - snap!
    Love from Mum

  2. Love your crochet - where do you get the coloured cotton yarn from please?