Monday, 5 November 2012

Cork Christmas trees

Work has been as hectic as usual – I longed for the weekend of doing nothing or crafty things.

We had some wine corks lying around – DaddyHen enjoys a glass of wine or two at the weekends – we had a few but not enough for my tree project.  I asked the local wine merchant and they gave me a huge bag.

I stuck them together with glue – waited overnight for the glue to fully dry and then wrapped either green or red ribbon over the top – simple.

The little cork people – I knitted or crocheted a hat and skirt; knitted pattern from here Korknisse. I made up the crochet pattern.


I need some to send the Bloggy Blanket to someone else – I have added a few more squares but it needs more; could you crochet a square or two to add to the blanket – let me know.  It can be a simple granny square or a more complex pattern. For more information about the Bloggers blanket have a look at Mums blog


MummyHen X



  1. The blanket's looking great. Hope someone volunteers to continue the chain.
    I love the Christmas decorations. So simple yet so effective. I'll have to crack open a few glasses of wine so I can make my own tree!
    Love from Mum

  2. Wow Mummyhen, the Blanket is looking amazing and you have done so many squares. They're all gorgeous.

    Arwedd xx

  3. I tagged you here:

  4. Hello, I have offered to take on the blanket and add a few squares. Could you send me your email address so I can email my address to you. If you want to leave a message on my blog with your email, I will make sure I don't publish the comment so your email address remains private. Thanks. xx